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Man Troubles and the Coyote Shifter

Let’s say you were making a soundtrack for the story of your life. Chances are, sooner or later you’d find yourself browsing the Beatles’ repertoire. (Seriously, those lads from Liverpool had something to say--well, sing--about almost everything... down to oddly-colored submarines and walruses, if you’re so inclined.) But back to the soundtrack. Think about the exuberantly-fun “Twist and Shout”, the infectiously-catchy “Here Comes the Sun”, or the melancholy  “Yesterday”--each sort of perfectly expresses a thought or emotion or feeling most of us identify with, no matter our age, sex, race, etc. That kind of timeless, universal work is so powerful that the Beatles have achieved a kind of immortality. Only time will tell if Urban Fantasy--itself so full of immortal characters and powerful imagery--will enjoy a similar longevity. The best of it definitely captures our imaginations, though, making us laugh, sweat, and occasionally cry... all while rooting for the kickass heroines and hero…