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Break Out the Popcorn!

While I’m still on the subject of all these classics--and before moving along to my newest passion (woo-hoo!)-- this seems like the perfect opportunity to make a few video recommendations, eh? (Seriously, who isn’t always on the lookout for another great flick to pull out on a rainy day?) So, without further ado... (drumroll, please)... 1). Persuasion- The 2000 film starring Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds is, as far as I'm concerned, the absolute BEST version that has ever been (or will ever be, for that matter) made of this beautiful story. Root brings a quiet and touching dignity to her role as the long-suffering Anne Elliot, and it’s truly rewarding to see her bloom once joy has, after a protracted absence, returned to her life. Likewise, the craggy Hinds is simply sublime as Captain Wentworth; he is by turns stern, standoffish, yearning, and finally, indescribably happy when he knows for certain that his beloved Anne will not be changing her mind, this time. Sticking closely to t…