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Mod Ms Fisher Would Make Phryne Oh-So-Proud... (TV show review)

Witty, effervescent, charming, empowering, ‘60s-mod fun." That’s my TL;DR take on Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries, for those impatient to just get on with the show.

But, for anyone who has longer than 10 seconds…

Although it’s an updated—set some 35 years after the original Australian series, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (itself based on a character created by author Kerry Greenwood)—spin on the spunky-female-detective-ahead-of-her-time story, the new Ms. Fisher, Peregrine (a niece of the missing-in-action Miss F) exhibits as much chutzpah and charisma as her unknown aunt, the incomparable Phryne.

While certain tropes carry over—Peregrine regularly enlists the aid of a few good friends in the solving of each mystery, just like her aunt Phryne did, and also enjoys serious chemistry with a handsome police detective (who, like the original, always manages to get called out to the same cases that Peregrine winds up taking)—make no mistake that this is a rehash. Modern is firmly…