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Be Careful What You Wish For... (You Are Not Alone thriller REVIEW)

For a lot of us—in this case, female, adult singletons who’ve moved to some place from somewhere else—daily life isn’t only about the usual challenges of work (or looking for work), feeding ourselves, doing laundry, paying bills, working out, and trying to fit some kind of fun in somehow, but it’s also a matter of… trying to survive. And often, feeling entirely alone in that very singular pursuit.
In writing duo Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen’s latest, You Are Not Alone, Shay Miller is doing exactly that… while sharing an apartment with someone she has feelings for—who’s engaged to someone else. She is sporadically temping for work. And her prospects for anything resembling “fun” are… well, she can barely remember what that even is.
Until one day, when a chance encounter with two women, Cassandra and Jane—sisters of similar age to her, who are vibrant, beautiful, captivating, and (what??) apparently utterly charmed by Shay—changes everything. If these fabulous, successful women coul…