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A City Under Attack: Killers, Cannibals, & Stolen Dreams

Deep, dark secrets, buried a lifetime ago. Blatant deceptions and little white lies. Intense jealousy and bitter hatred. Paranoia and hysteria, obsessions and compulsions. Crazy, pent-up desire and ecstasy. Loneliness and the depths of despair. The mind is a complex and messed-up place, and author Carolyn Crane makes sure we know it.

Double Cross, the second book in her "Disillusionists Trilogy" (following 2009's Mind Games), runs the gamut of every one of those deliciously-deviant, scary, and trippy emotions and feelings--as well as the resulting actions--in what continues to be an utterly original and entirely entralling spin on the urban fantasy tale.

[Note: If you haven't read Mind Games yet, please read my review of it here, first. Better yet, after reading the review, click the link and get your very own copy of the book. It's good stuff. :)]

Now, to briefly recap where Mind Games left off...
Regular-gal Justine and her other "disillusionist" frie…