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At Least He Wasn't Named After the Dog

When I was a kid, the first Indiana Jones movie came out. There were chills and thrills galore, as Indy went gallivanting all over the globe (exotic locales!), chasing bad guys (evil Nazis!), helping out a feisty ex-girlfriend (who could drink men twice her size under the table--so cool!), and, you know, saving the world and stuff. But, what really made it so awesome was that Indy wasn’t the stereotypical super-spy or super-hero... there were no James Bond gadgets or gizmos, none of that too-incredible luck (the kind that makes you wince, because it’s just so contrived), and no special powers a la Superman. No super-anything. Indy was just a regular guy--a smart, bookish, sort-of-nerdy professor of archeology--who almost magically transformed into more than the sum of his parts (erm, so to speak... not that those individual parts weren’t pretty darn fine) when he set out on his mission to make things right in the world (and save humanity, in the process). His success was due to brainp…