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On Wings of Metal, the Heart takes Flight

Someone tries to sabotage (cause the complete downfall of, overthrow, etc.) a company (government, country, or the like) by jacking into its computer systems and committing all manner of dastardly deeds once inside. That used to be a recurring theme found only in science fiction books. These days it’s just as likely to be the plot of the latest high-tech thriller, though, because it’s the kind of thing we worry about now.  What changed? Technology, of course. Suddenly, what once seemed futuristic and impossible is commonplace. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that our cell phones actually make calls, because they do so many other things. Cars operate via a complicated system of computer chips that monitor and adjust for pretty much everything (let alone the ones that back into parking spots on their own). We can carry hundreds of songs wherever we go in a gadget smaller than a deck of cards. We're able to turn on the computer, click a few keys, and be talking to someone on the other…