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Why Resolutions are Cop-Outs ("Fitness Friday")

"Fitness Friday"...
Since it's still the wee days of our brand-new year--and since fitness is a major part of my life--let's talk about something I hate with a passion: New Year's resolutions.

See, to me, the making of such promises is setting yourself up to fail... knowingly, and almost with a perverse kind of permission. (Just hear me out.) People vow to do this or stop that (most often concerning getting in shape, eating better, and the like), but then a hurdle comes up--getting the flu, or feeling pressured at work, or arguing with a significant other, or dealing with being in debt after the holidays, or whatever--and suddenly, that thing they swore to do better at goes by the wayside, because whatever little hiccup just gave them carte blanche to say, "Well, I failed again this year; guess that's that," and go back to old ways.

Which is why, this: