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Back to the Highlands: Jamie & Claire in Living Color

Everyone does it, and no matter what you like to read, I bet you've done it, too. You're reading along, perfectly happy, when suddenly you think to yourself, "Man, if only there were PICTURES in this book!".

That's perfectly understandable when you consider how much visual stimulation we encounter on a daily basis. TV, movies, video games, plus pretty much anything else that can be filmed then streamed to our computers and smart phones with only a few keystrokes, and... you get the picture, right? (Yep, that's a mostly-unintentional tee-hee, there, but it further illustrates the point, if you see what I mean.)
Of course, some things actually are hard to visualize--especially when you only have the written word to go by--and even when an author is adept at describing characters, scenes, etc., there are times when having a few pictures would help.
Occasionally, though, descriptions are so effective that the written word is sufficient. Take, for instance, Diana Ga…