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Caught: Ensnared in a Web of Truth, Lies, & Something In-Between

We have become a world of voyeurs, obsessed with the lives of everyone else.  It’s a benign-enough past-time for most of us--and one nearly impossible to avoid. Think about what lines the walls of supermarket checkout aisles everywhere (aside from candy and all those bizarre little gizmos you were previously, blissfully unaware you craved): tabloids, emblazoned with (often) embarrassing and (usually) Photoshopped pictures of celebrities--courtesy of the very lowest rung of photojournalists, the paparazzi--with captions blatantly espousing tawdry rumors in bold 100-point type. (You’ve ogled the flashy covers and flipped through the pages when you thought no one was looking, haven’t you?) Or, consider the current TV trends: the so-called “reality” shows, encompassing everything from assorted talent competitions to programs which supposedly follow the lives of this or that group of has-beens, wannabe-celebrities, or “interesting” people doing... well, whatever sort of awful or strange stuf…