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Why Setting Up Your Own Home Gym is Smart... and Easier Than You Think! .. ("Fitness Friday")

"Fitness Friday"...
It all started with growing up in the middle of nowhere, and it continued as a poor college student. Later, it was more a factor of working really long hours, 7 days a week, then getting off very late.

Regardless of what stage of life I've been at, though, it's always been more realistic for me to accomplish my fitness goals without setting foot in a commercial gym.

So, I'm a big proponent of "if you can create your own space--physical, mental, and spiritual (in a non-religiousy way)--in which to work out, you're a lot more likely to achieve your goals". 

How's that, you ask? Because you're actually making more of an effort, right from the start, in the creation of that space... and thus, tend to be more invested in seeing your effort pay off.I won't lie; it's best if you have at least some equipment to really do everything you need to do to be healthy and fit. But you can absolutely start with doing just-your-own-bod…