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Forget the Red Coats... the Zombies are Coming!!

Sure, you consider yourself a broad-minded person, but let’s be honest... no matter how enlightened you may be, it’s almost impossible to feel warm fuzzies toward zombies. That whole “I-want-to-catch-you-and-eat-your-braaaaain!” thing (not verbalized, of course--it’s awfully hard to talk when your own brain is nothing but mush and your lips have long since rotted away--but made abundantly clear via the grasping hands and gaping mouth holes) pretty much precludes anyone “normal” (and living) forming a close and personal relationship with a member of the walking (and putrifying) dead.

Or so I thought, anyway, until I (woo-hoo!) gleefully stumbled upon Scott Kenemore’s Zombie, Ohio: A Tale of the Undead... and what must be the most unusual take on zombies, ever. Peter Mellor is a popular college professor at a small university out in the middle of Nowhere, Ohio. (Yes, obviously the little town actually has a name, but the point is, it’s not important.) A handsome and charming (if increasi…