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The Snowy Sledgehammer of Doom

Take one fashion model--past her “peak” days, but still in high-enough demand to earn a more-than comfortable living doing print ads as the “mom” or the “elegant socialite”. Give this model an estranged daughter--a troubled young woman in her early 20s who knows only that she wants to be everything her glamorous, self-absorbed mother isn’t. Then, for good measure, throw in a radical environmental-activist group and a top-secret government report detailing some startling new research on global warming; add the mind-boggling power of the internet (the best way to quickly disseminate information and/or propaganda around the world, ever); and--just to keep the mixture spicy--toss in a smidgeon of gung-ho military and ex-military personnel, always itching to see a little more action, to go on one more offensive, to shoot another big gun. Finally, to make things really, really interesting, add a barren, bitterly-cold, snow-covered wilderness that stretches on and on, as far as the eye can s…