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Out of Magical Ashes... Rise Heroes

Oh, how time flies... except, of course, when it doesn’t... and you’re stuck drumming your fingers impatiently, wishing time would get the proverbial lead out, put the pedal to the metal, and resume that whizzing-by thing it does so incredibly well, most of the time.
The bad times never work like that, though, do they?
❖ ~ ❖ ~ ❖ ~ ❖ ~ ❖
Nearly a year after half-human/half-fae Sir October Daye (a knight in the twilight shadows of the fae world and a gritty private detective in both) once again saved the immortal world from certain doom and destruction (this time, from what would’ve been a no-holds-barred civil war of epic proportions), she’s still reeling from the fallout... specifically, trying to cope with the simultaneous, heartbreaking losses of an old friend and of her part-fae/mostly-human daughter.
Sometimes--make that, often--Toby’s life really sucks, and--happily for us, if not for her--it dishes out more of the same in Seanan McGuire’s latest tantalizing Toby tale, Ashes of Honor