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The Cracked Mirror of Social Media ("What I'm Reading Wednesday")

"What I'm Reading Wednesday"... Let’s talk about honesty for a minute. How truthful are you, in general… say, with your significant other, your closest friends, or maybe your immediate family? Chances are—provided they’re good relationships—you’re pretty darn forthcoming.

Now, take away that level of intimacy, and think about other people you see regularly—co-workers, relatives you don’t feel close to, casual acquaintances. They probably know a whole lot less about you, right?
Finally, let’s pull waaaay back, and look at how the rest of the world sees you. Not complete strangers—people you’ve never had any reason to meet and interact with aren’t going to have any opinions about you whatsoever. No, I mean your friends (or “friends”) and followers on social media. (Look, you’re here reading this online, which means you’re not a Luddite. So, unless you hate everyone or are in Witness Protection, let’s assume you’re at least a little bit active in some kind of social media, ok…