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Stoic Coppers, Murders, and the Welsh Countryside Equate to Good TV ("TV Tuesday"...)

"TV Tuesday"...
If all you had to go by was what you know of my reading and watching habits, you might assume I'm a grim, humorless thing. (In reality, that couldn't be farther from the truth, but like I said... going by the stuff that pulls me in, you'd be forgiven for assuming so.)

But sometimes, even I'm surprised by how dark something is. 

If "Hinterland"--which I've finally gotten around to watching--were a color, it might be a super-dark and utterly-depressing shade of green, like sodden, rotting vegetation. Or maybe it would be a blue so murky and opaque that it was nearly black, like the bottom of the ocean. That's how the characters in "Hinterland" strike me.

There is, you see, no smiling in "Hinterland". Seriously. I've watched all but the last couple of episodes, and I can't remember anyone smiling. Now, maybe--surely(!)--someone showed a smidgeon of humor, for a split second, at some point... but if that&#…