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Wedding Day Blues: The Case of the Down Under Runner

Of all the things that could go wrong on your wedding day, being jilted would have to rank right up at the top of the list as the worst.  Learning that you'd been dumped via a Post-it note stuck to the fridge would certainly add a whole new level of awful, though... and finding out your formerly-significant other had also just absconded with your life savings? Well, that would pretty much be the icing on top of your suddenly-useless wedding cake. Putting your broken heart and humiliated pride aside for the moment, though, the real issue would be, what would you do next? Aussie author Jennifer Rowe blithely offers up one possible scenario in the clever and cheeky new caper, Love, Honour,andO'Brien. Holly Love had always considered herself a happily-ordinary sort of girl, with average looks, respectable intelligence, and a certain degree of competence in most things. No, she wasn't likely to win any beauty pageants, earn big money appearing on a TV quiz show, or find herself ens…