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The Mantis Has Scores to Settle ("TV Tuesday")

"TV Tuesday"...
For all that we like to bitch and moan about the Internet Culture we've been living in for the past couple decades--misinformation and fake news, anyone?--it has undeniably broadened our world and made things available to us like never before.

Case in point? Access to televised content from around the world! No longer are we relegated to "200 channels and nothing on" (because seriously, I've never considered the presence of dozens of shopping, religious, ancient game-show, and telenovela channels as "having something on"). No, now we can just flip to one of many streaming sources, browse to our hearts' content, and (eventually) come up with something intriguing... which for me, increasingly, has included a lot of dramatic TV productions from abroad.

Latest find? The French thriller, "La Mante" ("The Mantis").  [Mad props, by the way, to Netflix, for keeping track of what I stream, so they could pop up with an a…

Everything's New Again..!

First, let's get this out of the way... Happy New Year!!

I know, I know... should have posted that yesterday, but--full disclosure, here--I needed a wee bit longer to recover from the festivities involved in ushering out 2017 and greeting the brand-spanking-new year. (And, seriously, 2018 still feels pretty fresh and spiffy, doesn't it?)

Anyway, in the midst of all the cray-cray which December wrought, I decided it was time to change things up on the blog. Not a complete overhaul, mind you... just some little tweaks that I'm hoping will be fun (interesting, appealing, insert-your-own-adjectives-here).

So, with that in mind, get ready for themed daily posts that I'll try to follow most weeks. (And yep, that means more work for me.) We'll see how it goes, eh?

As for that sparkly-new 2018? Bring it on...