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Another One (Sunday) Bites the Dust...*

The day started off in a more-or-less promising manner, because I'd made this little plan, you see. There was some work-related stuff sitting around which I planned to tackle (stuff I've been shoving aside and shuffling around on my desk for much too long, now). Maybe a little housework, too (because it's just a fact that there's always plenty of that to be done). I'd blog (about the OMGosh-I-just-now-found-this-awesome-classic-favorite-in-2010! that I've been promising, yay!). Throw in some reading (hopefully), some cooking (obviously), and the opener for Season 3 of True Blood (the one thing that was absolutely non-negotiable on the to-do list), and I figured my Sunday was pretty much complete.

It sounded so good in theory.

My plans, of course, got shot to hell. (One wonders why I even bother making plans. Really.) First I was coerced into helping my significant other work on a big project... which took Four. Hours. When we finally got home (and after having …