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Swedish "Ove" Foregoes Schmaltzy Sentimentality for Genuine, Heartwarming Feels.. ("Movie Monday")

I never had a grandpa--both were gone before I popped out, red-faced and screaming, into the world--which means I don't really know anything about how old men operate. 

In other words, the sum total of what I've gleaned comes from pop culture--hello, books, movies, and TV--and jokes that involve elderly guys saying "Get outta my yard!" a lot. (Basically, the older a man gets, the grouchier he becomes..?)

So, when I sat down to watch "A Man Called Ove" (the 2015 film based on the Fredrik Backman book by the same name), I figured I knew what to expect: a series of hopefully amusing (but most likely forced) situations involving a grumpy old coot, who'd undoubtedly turn into a big ol' teddy bear by the end. 

Okay, kinda... but that doesn't BEGIN to describe "Ove".

Retiree Ove is, as expected, a curmudgeonly older chap (although not that old, this being a film made in Sweden, where adults aren't necessarily expected to work themselves into …