The Feline Has His Say

It seemed like such a good idea. I wanted to announce with great fanfare (okay, fine--modest, quiet fanfare :P) the rollout of my new Catnip Mousie ratings, which can now be found at the very end of each review (including the older ones). Go check it out. Yes, really. Go. Now.

Did you look? Nifty, yeah? (Just nod agreeably so we can move on.) So you see, gentle reader, if/when you're just too busy and can't be bothered to slog through my usual shameless bouts of verbosity, you can at the very least get the gist of my thoughts, in about a nanosecond. (Yes, it is much faster than reading my ramblings. Not nearly so rewarding to me as thinking that you're hanging on my every word, but, eh, whatevs, right?)

Anyhoo, back to the point. I figured it would be a natural to post a pic of my baby-boycat/Supreme Mascot Extraordinaire with this announcement, and so I set about finding a pic of said boycat posing with one of his catnip mousies. I mean, among his (what seems like) hundreds of toys, there be mousies. And, there is ample pictorial evidence of The Mascot, doin' his thing.

But now we get to the crux of the matter. "Ample" is, perhaps, a wee bit of an understatement. I take A LOT of pix of boycat. (Doting cat-mom, that's me.) So, actually finding a pic of boycat, with a mousie, has not been the easy-peasy picnic I'd imagined. (Although, to be fair, I've had a bunch of grins whilst engaged in the epic search, so don't feel bad. ;D)

For now, though, I'm going with this pic. No mousie, but plenty of 'tude. Enjoy the new ratings system... and my boycat.



  1. Boomboom boycat!

    I'd read anything the boycat recommended, fer sher.

  2. I'll read Booms recommendations. Does he agree with Luna's recommendations? Luna is a very harsh critic. I guess if Boomer doesn't like a book, he'll just sleep on it. LOL

  3. Love the site and the picture, Diana!

  4. Thanks, guys!! :)

    BoomBoom is not-so critical; he's much too laid-back and easygoing to say anything bad about... *anything*, really. (Although to accurately test that theory, I should probably read a book about his sworn arch-enemy. The vacuum-cleaner-monster. Hmm... ;))

  5. King of His World.

    Love the site Diana!

  6. PS Better get something about Suzanne Collins on here before someone we both know starts sending many bold and colored reminders...


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