After running around doing work and errands all morning, it seemed only fair that I eke some fun out of the day, too. ("It's Saturday! Where's the me-time?") So, I plunked my butt down in front of the towering TBR stack (and note that my use of "the" here should in no way lead you to believe there's only ONE such stack, or anything... unless you're a trifle naive, in which case, sure--you just go right ahead and picture "a" tidy little pile of books), perused back covers and scanned the blurbs, finally made my selection, and settled in for some of that me-time.

Hunh. You know that saw about the best-laid schemes? (Of cat and woman? teehee) Yeah, well, mine have definitely gone astray, because the first 32 pages of the first book I picked left me decidedly "meh".

As did the first 20 pages of my second choice.

"Meh", I tell you!!

Oh, noes! This is not good for my mood. (And the frownie face I'm sporting isn't exactly doing wonders for my appearance, either. :P)

I am, however, stubborn (um, understatement of the CENTURY, there, according to everyone who knows me), so I'll persevere a bit longer. Maybe I'll strike gold.

(Or, the way I feel right now, maybe little golden monkeys will start flying out my ***...) (Ugh. Sounds... uncomfortable.)

Maybe I'll just go watch a DVD. Better that than flying monkeys, any day.


  1. Wow, it's bad when Boomer is having to wash a book off... LOL

    And you, stubborn? No... really?


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