A Ragdoll and His Book

See? I like books. (Dis iz a luvly book.)

And, um, clean feet. (Don't laff. U probly wish u cud kleen ur feet dis eezily...)

And, um, sleeping. (Obvsly. I iz kitteh.)

Books, clean feet, and sleeping.

I know there's more to life than that (liek noms!!), but this is a pretty good start. :)


  1. Boomer, I think it's wonderful that you've got this guest blogging thing down pat, but I'm still confused over whether it was a good book or a book that put you to sleep in a bad way? Could you clarify for me?

  2. "Iz a luverly book, Miz Marzie, full uv byootiful kittehs. In fact, such byootee reminded me dat I shud probly gets mah own byootee sleeps, to keep up wif looking gud." ~Boomer

  3. Boomer, I'm ever so glad you're getting plenty of byootee sleeps. They're very important.


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