Yay. Independence.

So, it turns out I'm just like a cat and could really do without all the noisy fireworks, TYVM. (I could also live without the accompanying stink which will permeate the neighborhood for the next couple of days, after the people down the street have their yearly [illegal] light-'em-up-&-shoot-'em-off extravaganza tonight. Not too crazy about cleaning up the stray bits of their firecracker debris which will somehow find their way to my yard from half-a-block away, either.)

But--also like a cat--I totally get the spirit of the celebration. Being independent, free to make (at least some of) my own choices is, on the whole, a good thing. And, although there are plenty of choices I'm not allowed to make--courtesy of a plethora of pesky rules, regulations, and laws (not all of which I agree with)--it's certainly better than the alternative. (See? Just. Like. A. Cat.)

"Mommy, de only boom-boomz we needz today iz ME."

Oh, and our friendly public service reminder... If you absolutely insist on risking your own life and limb today with some of those exploding paper packages? Please keep your pets inside, safely away from your temporary insanity.


  1. I definitely concur. And some of my babies are just so afraid of all the noise of the fireworks. We head to friends houses for a bit but are always home by darkness to make sure the pets feel safe and comforted. I've never understood the need to make so much noise.... sigh.

  2. I love this photo of Boomer!


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