How to Deal with Fluffy (or Tom or Sweetiepie or Whatever Cat You Have)

"And now, for something completely different..." I've always loved that bit from the days of Monty Python's Flying Circus, so today, I've decided to try my own version of "something completely different" (although it really shouldn't be completely unexpected... unless, of course, you're the sort to blindly scroll past the occasional pix of a certain luscious boycat who happens to have my undying devotion, in which case there's just no hope for you).

One of THE cutest--and flat-out coolest--informational/help books, ever, I bring you... The Cat Owner's Manual (Operating Instructions, Troubleshooting Tips, and Advice on Lifetime Maintenance). Touting itself as a "beginner's guide to feline technology", this is definitely not your run-of-the-mill cat book.

Hey, you, raising your eyebrows and wearing the skeptical expression... just stop that, right now. Take it from me, if you're a "cat person", there's a whole lot to like in this insanely-clever little book. (And, if you're more a "dog person" or a "little human [i.e. baby] person", there's a manual for you, as well--each of which I'm guessing is nearly as nifty.)

Authors Dr. David Brunner (veterinarian) and Sam Stall (cat-owner) take the titular "manual" part to heart, giving their book a genuine "how-to" look and feel, with a neat little twist--this one is actually easy to understand and, frequently, humorous--as it refers to felines like they're just another form of technology--much like a computer or a cell phone-- to learn about and integrate into your life.

Among the variety of subjects covered:

Ch. 1: Overview of Makes and Models
(This chapter provides a brief history, plus "a primer of the dozens of cat models, a quick look at important hardware and software variations, and guidance on selecting the right variety for your lifestyle".)

Ch. 2: Home Installation
(Obviously, how to introduce a cat into your home and to any other family members.)

Ch. 3: Daily Interaction
(This chapter covers "routine maintenance" and "the nuances of cat behavior, body language, and play preferences".)

Ch. 4: Basic Programming
(Good stuff here, including an "overview of factory-installed software [instinctive behaviors] and owner-installed software add-ons [training]".)

Ch. 5: Fuel Requirements
(Self-explanatory, but the specifics of which are absolutely vital to know.)

Ch. 6: Exterior Maintenance
(Helpfully answering such questions as, "How can I maintain a quality exterior finish?".)

Ch. 8: Interior Maintenance
(Plenty of helpful stuff here, including "how to monitor a cat's mechanical systems for signs of trouble and how to select an authorized service provider for technical support".)

Ch. 10: Advanced Functions
(This final chapter covers reproduction, "Feline Transport", "Old Age", and even, *weep*, "Obsolescence and Deactivation".)

Throughout, a veritable wealth of valuable information is delivered in a hip, whimsical style, with useful step-by-step instructions and good advice. And, just like any guide worth its salt, there are plenty of helpful schematic diagrams (such as those shown here, from my very own much-loved copy) to ensure that you understand what everything looks like, where it is, and what to do with it or how to deal with it.

Even if you're like me--and you already have a whole library of cat books, cat encyclopedias, cat picture books, and cat cartoon books--you almost certainly don't have one like this. I think that makes this one an absolute necessity. :)

GlamKitty catnip mousie rating: 5 out of 5 mousies, for its genre


  1. OMQF, it's a MUST HAVE!!! I know a certain Troll that will likely steal the book the moment he espies it...

    Of to sample some of that salmon mousse....

  2. Of course, I, like water, take the path of least resistance and just do whatever makes Kitty happy..or causes me the least amount of aggravation.


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