Father's Day (A Day Late... but Worth It)

For Dad...

I love that you never once told me I “couldn’t” do something... only that I “could”. 

That you never made me feel as though I was anything less than wonderful in your eyes.

That you bragged about all my accomplishments, however great or small, to your friends.

That you took me to pick out my first CAT... just the two of us! >^.,.^<

That you were kind and generous to everyone you met.

That you happily ate every Easy-Bake cake I placed in front of you. :)

That you loved to read, and to discuss books with me (even if I was just waxing ecstatic about Nancy Drew).

That you taught me self-reliance.

That when I look in a mirror, the features reflected back at me are yours. 
It’s been almost thirteen years now, but not a single day has gone by without my thinking of you... and missing you.
So, here’s to you, Dad.  xoxo  


  1. This was sooo beautiful!!! How I loved the words and the photos!! You are right, it was sooooooooooo worth it!

    We both lost our Dads almost at the same time. I lost mine in 2001...I am so deeply sorry (((hugs)))))

    My Dad used to wear the same glasses as yours too! Those were from the 50s!!
    Your Dad gave you some wonderful, life-long gifts, "he done good!!!"

  2. Thank you so much, Caren! :)) xoxo

    My dad would have been 35 or 36 in these photos... so, although it wasn't remotely close to the 1950s when they were taken, he could well have had them that long. (Clearly, he wasn't concerned with being Mr. Fashion Plate, teehee. ;))

  3. What a lovely story. I know your father would be very proud of you today!

  4. Thank you, Cynical. :)
    And, thank you, Jennifer. :)

    This was amazingly easy to write... although not without some tears.


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