Sometimes It Takes a Clown

Life (with a capital "L") is patently refusing to cooperate with me right now. I have this perfectly-reasonable little list--want to read, want to write, want to have some fun (not too much, just a bit)--yet all I've managed to accomplish for the past couple of weeks is a (ridiculously-)small amount of the first, none of the second (grrrrrr), and only a smidgeon of the third. (Oh, yeah, and work--boring, crappy work, how could I forget that?--which seems a lot more like punishment than accomplishment.)

So, in the spirit of... well, of something--yes, I know it's a day late (but it goes back to the un-cooperativeness of Life... see how that works?)--and since it's been, oh, forever-and-a-day since I did one of these, I'm giving you some Patriotic Boycat to enjoy.

Here he is, in all his splendor... 

(Just humor me, okay? He's the large, gorgeous bundle-of-fluff feline clown who keeps me somewhat sane, and I adore him.)

Oh, and I will have something new for you soon. Promise. :) 


  1. Look at dis kitteh!!

    Anyway, sounds familiar. Do give yourself a break at some point, eh? It's okay that there are so many hours in the day, you know?

    1. I absolutely promise to take that advice if you do, Cynical! ;D

  2. Yes, life. I always remember John Lennon's quote: "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."

    So true, right?

    1. Alas, truer words have perhaps never been spoken, Jeremy... :)


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