If You Could See Me Now, Daddy...

How much I have to thank you for, Daddy... today and always.

"Daddyback Ride" (circa a long time ago... :))

You passed along not only your passion for books to me, but also your love of movies and TV.

What would you have thought of all the iterations of James Bond since last you walked this mortal coil? Even the lesser ones would've left you grinning like a giddy kid, I'm sure. (Likewise with the Mission Impossible and Bourne franchises; it's hard to top spies, great action scenes, and thrilling car chases.)

You'd have loved "Hell on Wheels" as much as I do (even though it involves neither of your favorite western actors, John Wayne or Clint Eastwood).

That delicious mashup of space-opera, western, and action-adventure otherwise known as "Firefly"? The boxed set absolutely would have found its way into one of your birthday boxes... and you'd have been elated. 

The re-imagined "Battlestar Galactica"? Oh, yeah... you would've been all over that, without a doubt. (Of course, you also would've ADORED my very own Boomer, and he, you. :))

The Uncooperative Captain Boomer
And as for "Star Trek", well... let's just say you'd have been absolutely fascinated with the path it has taken over the years, and where it is--and more importantly, where I am--today. If only you could see me now, Daddy... you'd be smiling our trademark crooked grins from ear to ear. :)

So here's to you, Dad... and all those parts of you, whether great or small, that live on through me.


  1. Brilliant and beautiful. Much like you.

  2. this brought tears to my eyes and I can sooooooo relate!!! You and I are both "Daddy's Girls" for sure! (((hugs))))


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