Hackin' & Detectin', Minnesota-style... review (Monkeewrench returns!)

One of the funny things about reading a series is that if/when there’s a longish wait between books, you can forget how much you like—and how much you’ve missed—those characters, and all the little details of their lives that you’ve learned.

So it was with me and the “Monkeewrench” gang (which first appeared in  the 2004 book by the same name), and whom I’ve eagerly followed ever since. I’d check the web every once in awhile to see if a new book—the ninth in that series, now—was due, only to be disappointed.

The wait is finally over, though, and—thank the stars—The Guilty Dead does not disappoint.

The Monkeewrench team of cyber-tech experts (aka hackers)—a cobbled-together oddball squad of misfits who share, among other things, sordid/unhappy pasts, distrust/dislike of Big Government, and, obviously, solid geek skills—is intact, and still working from their “office” digs in one of the member’s fancy Minneapolis mansion. They still operate mostly on the down-low, although they’ve taken some semi-legit jobs, too. They still have a love/hate (okay, both “love” and “hate” might be a tad strong… let’s go with “mutually, grudgingly tolerant”) relationship with the police force.

But, other things have changed—grown, evolved—in the interim… none more life-altering than the team’s prickly, badass, tough-gal-of-a-leader, Grace MacBride, not only continuing to see Monkeewrench’s previous nemesis, Detective Leo Magozzi, romantically… but opting to have the love chid their union has created. 

This time out, the team splits their energies on multiple, simultaneous jobs: designing a program that can help to identify serious threats; aiding Magozzi and his partner, Rolseth, in figuring out who is behind the murder of a wealthy, beloved philanthropist; and helping the FBI locate a probable local terrorist cell (before it can carry out its grand mission)… all while Grace is due (with the wee MacBride-Magozzi) at any moment.

There is so much to appreciate about The Guilty Dead. First, it’s always good seeing character growth and having new dimensions added, and Tracy accomplishes that. Also, I was so pleased there wasn’t much rehashing of all the old back stories—just a smidgen, so that a newbie would be able to follow along and enjoy the story without feeling lost, while long-time readers of the series wouldn't feel compelled to yawn. 

The Guilty Dead is also au courant, with ripped-from-the-headline plots, sub-plots, and attitudes. Interweaving family issues and entanglements with politics and the sort of threats we hear about every day, Tracy produces a tale with some surprising twists and turns, and a nice amount of suspense.

Read it all in a couple of sittings, or space it out over a week or two, it really doesn’t matter; The Guilty Dead delivers, and proves itself worth the wait.



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